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Ssshhhh…it’s all so quiet in Paris

Unlike most people who can’t wait to be on their summer holiday, I truly enjoy spending my summer in the city. Already mid-July, you start to feel the city empty out a bit. People seem more relaxed, traffic jams and honking cars cease to exist and most importantly, nonexistent parking spots suddenly appear out of nowhere.

Come the month of August and Paris literally goes silent. The hustle and bustle of city living just disappears. Cars sporadically pass by, shops are mostly closed and the only thing left to do in your free time, weather permitting (we are in Paris after all) is to simply enjoy long leisurely walks, early morning breakfasts on quasi-empty terraces and afternoons spent in the numerous gorgeous parks and gardens the city has to offer. Or simply put, rediscovering the city I always love but never take the time to wholly appreciate.

So tell me, how do you spend your time during the summer months?



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Late August Weekends Little Pleasures


Late August in Paris is one of my favorite times of the year. The weather is (usually) warm and sunny, the streets are quiet, you can easily park your car (and it’s free the entire month!). The city really empties out by the 15th and it’s the best time to enjoy all the outdoor activities Paris has to offer-and there are many!

I love going for a bike ride, randomly discovering the increasingly present street art, heading to the Parc Floral for a picnic/tanning session and finally enjoying an outdoor movie. I’m lucky to have a friend with an incredible garden for our movie nights but if that’s not the case for you, the Cinéma en Plain Air festival is on until the 21st so go check it out-it ends this weekend.

What are your favorite late summer activities?

On that note, a very bon weekend to you!

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Summer Travel Style

I have a serious phobia of flying. I’m one of “those people” who’s face turns a pale shade of green and looks like they’re about to die as they board a plane. It’s not as bad as it used to be when I would literally cry as soon as we hit a bit of turbulence or when the Air France stewardess once sent me to see the Captain so he could attempt to calm me down as I was probably scaring people in my aisle.

I’ve come a long way since then, mainly by preparing every step of my travel from T-24hrs to landing. Part of my planning entails coming up with a comfortable and versatile outfit and choosing a tote where I can throw in all my travel essentials – makeup, creams, travel papers, a plush pair of sock for the trip, etc… It makes such as difference to feel comfortable and warm (those planes are freezing!) and takes away a bit of the tension I’m feeling.

Comfort doesn’t mean sloppy. You can be stylish and casual, even wearing a pair of sweats.

1.  Oliver Peoples Ermelita Sunglasses $310

2. Lemlem Tullu Gauze Scarf $125

3. Hop Hop Hop Maxi Pink Cloud Necklace €70

4. Mr. Jones Cyclops Ladies Edition Watch $174.99

5. Clare Vivier La Tropézienne Tote $320

6. Bensimon Lacet Tennis Shoe $55

7. Madewell Loveworn Sweatpants $62

8. Sandro Tango T-shirt €90

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