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Lookout people-there’s a new pastry in town: the crème puff pastry or as I’ve always known it, the chou à la crème.

 Popelini  is the 1st  puff pastry shop in Paris-or anywhere come to think of it . Barely two months old and it’s already becoming the go-to shop for a sweet and über trendy dessert.

 I’ve always associated choux à la crème with the classic Profiteroles dessert but Popelini gets back to the basics by only offering the puff pastry in a limited number of flavors.  Neatly aligned by color and flavor, the shells are perfectly circular though a bit bigger than I imagined, which in my book is a always a plus; the more the better. The creamy filling nests inside the chewy rather than flaky or crispy shell inviting you to bite in.

The Parisian fashion scene was obsessed with the cupcake trend last year. I really don’t know why it took them so long to discover the next best thing since sliced bread-but I’m digressing so back to the choux. I can’t imagine that these pretty little mouthfuls of pure delight won’t be popping all around the fashion scene-or any scene really.

We (my mother, cousin & I) tested out six of the eight flavors available that day. I know what you’re thinking, only six? Unfortunately for me, I did not inherit my mother’s good genes and faster-than-Ussain-Bolt-metabolism so we had to call it a day with our six flavors. What can I say people, willpower’s my middle name .

Here’s our very serious take on the choux we indulged over all afternoon (who are we kidding, they were all simply delicious) but let’s be conscientious here:

Madagascar Vanillla:

Filling is creamy but not over-sweet.

Pistachio & Griottes

The lightly sweet pistachio filling has a nutty quality that blends well with the tangier griotte filling.

Rose & Raspberry

The filling has a distinct rosewater accent that somewhat overshadows the raspberry flavor but nonetheless very good. The decorative petal only adds to its beauty.


The rich praline filling has a hint of a salt flavor that cuts through the sweetness. The contrast between the sweet and savory flavors adds dimension to anotherwise would-be classic flavor.

Earl Grey

Essence of earl grey tea in the filling highlighted with a dab of lemon curd. It’s tea and biscuits all in one!

Caramel Beurre Salé

Anyone who loves caramel candies with salted butter will love this cream puff. Nuff’ said.

So there you have-it’s a puff pastry galore at Popelini.

Popelini-29 Rue Debelleyme-75003 Paris-Tel: 01 44 61 31 44

Opened Tuesday-Sunday



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