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Earthy Fall Decor


Warm earthy tones- reds, oranges, yellows and browns. Curling up on a sofa with a comfy blanket, a pumpkin spice latte (Starbucks if you hear me, please make them available in Paris!) and a good book. Walking through a park and admiring fall foliage (New Englanders, you’ve got it best.) Baking or when time is lacking, stopping by my local patisserie for Linzer Tarte and savoring every last bite while watching the sun set late afternoon. That’s what springs to mind when I think of fall. If given the option of changing my home decor to match each season, I’d favor dark tones, plush materials and a variety of prints for my earthy fall decor.

1: Aegean Print Cotton Mat $29.99

2: Barnaby Arm Chair €639

3: Squirrel Nutcracker Lamp €55,20

4: Moroccan Wedding Blanket $350

5:  Tasana Pillow $26.95

6: Deep Red Bamboo Lacquerware $39.95

7:  Birds on a Wire Print $299


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NYFW Beauty Palette

My makeup skills are very basic. I usually spend a total of five minutes applying it and stick to neutral tones with the exception of my bright red lipstick that I’ll put on when in need of a bit of a beauty pick-me-up.

This is all about to change. I was totally conquered over by the bright and bold colors seen on the runway this season, as well as the soft pastels. Makeup, ready-to-wear, accessories, I loved it all.

I’m planning on experimenting with some of these tones in the form of makeup while I patiently wait for the S/S’11 ready-to-wear collections to roll out next year.

If the results are satisfactory (meaning I do not resemble Boso the Clown) I will post a couple of pictures soon enough.

Tell me, are you liking the color themes seen on the runway this season?


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Fashion’s Night Out Essentials


Whether you’re in London, New York, Paris or any city celebrating Fashion’s Night Out, no self-respecting blogger should leave home without these absolute essentials to survive FNO and the entire fashion season!

You’ll want to take notes on your inspirations for future posts and capture the season’s new looks. You never know who you might mix and mingle with so always have your business card on hand. And finally, always have a great pair of compact flats when you can’t stand the towering stilettos anymore! Oh and of course this goes without saying, don’t leave home without a great lip gloss or balm!

Where are you all headed for FNO?

1: Smythson Fashion Diary €195

2: Campio Marzio Ballpoint Pen $16

3: Canon EOS 550D 

4: Kate Spade Victoria Falls Darla Card Holder $62

5: Pretty Balerinas Shirley Emergency Flats €195

6: Bobbi Brown Lip Gloss $23 

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Back to School Supplies


This week’s been all about preparing for fall and with that in mind, I’ve put together a little selection of school/office supplies for a clean new start. I don’t know about you, but I love opening a notebook or agenda for the first time and I usually make an effort to write properly the first few days but then unfortunately, my good ol’ lefty handwriting takes over!

1: Poketo Tomorrow Planners $28

2: Paperchase Tri Rainbow Square Pencil Case £4.25

3: Kenjiro Sano Sushi Memo Set $18.95

4: Alberto Sala Fun Times Wall Clock $345

5: Kate Spade Paperweight $38

6: Poketo Dog Notebook $6

7: Blackwing 602 Writing Pencil (Box of 12) $19.90

8: Paperchase Coloring Pencils in a Craft Tube £2

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