Bonjour, Bonjour!

A Bit of Je Ne Sais Quoi may sound familiar but can’t quite put your finger on it, right? Well, you may have shopped on the e-boutique, tweeted us  (SHOPJNSQ), viewed posts on the blog or simply read about us in web & print press (that sounds a bit pompous, non?)

As some of you know, we’ve taken the shop offline (sad times but really no other option). The process itself was rather easy-simply put we pushed the “off” button.

As the person behind all of this, what I found really painful was the reaction of our clients, readers, twitter followers, certain people we’ve worked with over the years and of course friends & family. I wasn’t expecting such an outpour of kindness, generosity and a positive spin on the conclusion to this amazing adventure.

It really was a very eye-opening moment-I just wasn’t ready to close the book entirely on the Je Ne Sais Quoi experience.

Some of you know from my little bio on the e-boutique, I’ve been incredibly lucky to have been brought up in a bi-cultural background, often traveling between the US & France. I’ve had great encounters with wonderful people from all necks of the woods that have introduced me to some exceptional little je ne sais quoi’s or others that I’ve come across over the years and hope to stumble upon in the future.

Sartorial, cultural and lifestyle oriented, I find them special and I hope you will too. All of these little gems will be on  A Bit Of Je Ne Sais Quoi, which I hope will become your new online daily read.

I’m currently working on an exciting project which I can’t wait to tell you about-probably will sooner than later since I’m awful at keeping secrets, professionally speaking of course-friends need not worry!

Until then, I sincerely hope you enjoy of  A Bit of Je Ne Sais Quoi


*je ne sais quoi: that little something special, a quality that eludes description


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