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Ssshhhh…it’s all so quiet in Paris

Unlike most people who can’t wait to be on their summer holiday, I truly enjoy spending my summer in the city. Already mid-July, you start to feel the city empty out a bit. People seem more relaxed, traffic jams and honking cars cease to exist and most importantly, nonexistent parking spots suddenly appear out of nowhere.

Come the month of August and Paris literally goes silent. The hustle and bustle of city living just disappears. Cars sporadically pass by, shops are mostly closed and the only thing left to do in your free time, weather permitting (we are in Paris after all) is to simply enjoy long leisurely walks, early morning breakfasts on quasi-empty terraces and afternoons spent in the numerous gorgeous parks and gardens the city has to offer. Or simply put, rediscovering the city I always love but never take the time to wholly appreciate.

So tell me, how do you spend your time during the summer months?



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Great-grandma Esther is pretty in pink

I absolutely love this picture of my great-grandma Esther taken in the 1940’s. I was never lucky enough to meet her and know very little about her life but when I look at this picture, I feel a sense of warmth and kindness emanating from her. Her laughing eyes , rosy cheeks and timid smile shine through this vintage picture my Mother let me have of her. I have no idea what the original colors of her dress and makeup are (maybe blue with white dots?) but it doesn’t really matter. As much as I’m an Instagram lover, it just doesn’t quite match an original vintage photo.


PS: On a completely different note, I haven’t blogged in so long but I’m going to do my best to post regularly from now on.

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