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Yesterday, the weather was absolutely gorgeous in Paris so I decided to tag along with my friend Kira and her kids on a cultural excursion to the Paris sewers (yes it’s a bit off the beaten path but nonetheless pretty interesting).

As we prepared to purchase our tickets, the person at the ticket wondow asked Kira how old I was to see if I could benefit from the student discount. He couldn’t believe that I in fact had to pay in full. His eyes literally bugged out when I mentioned that I was turning thirty in two months.

I know that I look younger than my twenty-nine years and ten-months age but it got me thinking that even though we all aspire to look young with perfectly smooth and glowing skin, this might have an impact on my professional endeavors if people are misguided into thinking I’m still a student-and more importantly, that I dress like one. Yes, I can look young but shouldn’t dress too young.

I believe in wearing comfortable clothing which is why you will rarely see me in towering stilettos. It’s just not worth the pain and you need some serious skills to walk in an elegant manner with such a high and thin heel. It’s really a balancing act, as far as I’m concerned.

However, as I’ve stated previously on the blog, comfort doesn’t equate to sloppiness nor automatically casual attire . Case in point with the look above. I’ve paired a flowing silk top (so you can eat to your heart’s content without looking like you’re four-months pregnant) with a cropped pant that gives in a bit in the waist (can you tell that I like to eat?). Chunky heels that don’t weigh you down and that you can actually run around town in. A statement necklace (personally speaking to draw attention away from my problem area, which is to say thighs and butt) and an attention-grabbing purse to tie the look together.

This change has been a long time coming. Now off to the shops for some appropriate professional attire retail therapy!

1: Suzie Mas Suede pumps €165

2: Yvonne Yvonne Gigi Purse in Camel €375

3: Les Petites Curve top in silk €165

4:  Erickson Beamon Cowboy 22-karat gold-plated necklace $735

5: Maje Horse blacks Pants €150



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3 responses to “Back 2 Basics >> Dress to Impress

  1. yumm love the outfit, and orange seems to be everywhere at the moment ( not that i am complaining, as i can blend in now mwahaha)



  2. Perfect for the Autumn season and that bag is heavenly.

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