Mea Culpa

Well it’s been a while since my last post, eighteen days to be perfectly exact and I’m truly sorry for my little disappearing act. But I can explain.

You see, even though I’ve put the shop offline, I still have major admin that I’ve honestly been avoiding (dreading really). Every task I tackle reminds me that the shop is no longer open and that I’ve somewhat failed in my first entrepreneurial endeavor and so I’ve buried my head in the sand, not ready to deal with it all.

But here’s the thing, the more I ignored it, the more it ate at me and it got to a point where I just decided I needed to address all this once and for all. And so, for the last three weeks, I’ve slowly but surely been checking off my list one task after another. It’s been a painstaking effort but maintaining my sanity seemed worth it, non? I’m in no ways done but I’ve reached a point where the immensity of this process is now back to being manageable. It’s also given me time to realize that I didn’t so much fail but rather hit a bump in the road on the way to my next adventure (which I’ll finally be telling you about very soon).

I really love writing this blog, more than I ever anticipated actually but I could in no ways post every day, come up with creative and engaging (I hope!) content and focus on the admin.

Pardon my french, there’s no other word that best describes it but I didn’t want to half-ass my posts. So the choice was easy. Put the blog on hold until I was ready to commit 100%.

I’ve now reached that point which is perfect timing considering I just attended Blogshop Paris, taught by the incredibly talented, kind and fun ladies that are Bri from DesignLoveFest and Angela from Angela and Ithyle. I have learned so many new techniques to improve my visual content which I can’t wait to try out on future posts.

So voilà! You’re now all in the know. I hope you’ll all forgive me? Now let’s get back to all things Je Ne Sais Quoi!


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