NYFW Beauty Palette

My makeup skills are very basic. I usually spend a total of five minutes applying it and stick to neutral tones with the exception of my bright red lipstick that I’ll put on when in need of a bit of a beauty pick-me-up.

This is all about to change. I was totally conquered over by the bright and bold colors seen on the runway this season, as well as the soft pastels. Makeup, ready-to-wear, accessories, I loved it all.

I’m planning on experimenting with some of these tones in the form of makeup while I patiently wait for the S/S’11 ready-to-wear collections to roll out next year.

If the results are satisfactory (meaning I do not resemble Boso the Clown) I will post a couple of pictures soon enough.

Tell me, are you liking the color themes seen on the runway this season?



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3 responses to “NYFW Beauty Palette

  1. Well I haven’t yet got time to review all the catwalks this season but am looking forward to do it today night…. Will let you know :D

  2. bonkasaurus

    I am all about keeping my makeup simple. I hate runway makeup most the time its very Nicki Minaj, crazy. I like to play with colors in my wardrobe mostly.

    -Bianca at http://theinbetweengirls.wordpress.com/

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