Kira Owen

 (Photo courtesy of Owen&Savary)

I have twitter to thank for meeting the lovely Kira Owen. After exchanging tweets with Cat, aka Sugar_Daze, known for the best cupcakes in Paris (with Synie’s of course ), she forwarded me an invite for the launch party of a new jewelry brand, Owen&Savary. Wouldn’t you know it that the launch was taking place in my middle school’s building (the school only took up two floors.) That is what you call a small small world.

And that is how I met Kira, one half of the designing duo behind what is possibly my favorite piece of jewelry because its characteristics are so close to how I envisioned Je Ne Sais Quoi: modern yet timeless with a respect for traditional craftsmanship. I was completely enthused with the line before being so with Kira.

Over the years, Kira and I have become good friends. I think she is the most grounded person in the fashion industry. I’ve always said common sense will go a long way and I think it perfectly applies to her. She’s incredibly creative, dynamic and funny but can switch when need be from  full design  to business entrepreneur mode and get down to the nitty gritty administrative tasks without ever thinking twice about it.

Here’s your chance to get to know her better:

Describe your style:

I would say I’m classical but I like to add fun, edgy accessories. I only follow the trends that suit me and that I know I will not get bored of quickly.

What won’t you leave the home without?

House keys and iPhone!

What are the key pieces in your wardrobe this fall season?

I love leather, so always a well-cut leather jacket, high-waisted wide trousers, chunky knits paired with shorts and my biggest weakness – shoes! Anything from flats to platform wedges!

Can you tell us a little about your beauty regimen?

I keep it simple: toner + high spf. moisturizing cream in the morning; good make-up remover + anti-oxydant serum at night. I drink a lot of water and green tea and I try to work out a couple of times a week when I can. And am I allowed to say a glass of red wine with dinner and dark chocolate? Two of my little sins…

Your roster of celebrities (including the very talented Laura Linney) wearing Owen&Savary cuffs is already pretty impressive. Who would you like to see next wearing one of your cuffs?

 We are really honored to have so many A-listers wearing our designs and it goes without saying that we would be delighted to have many more! But, honestly, I cannot pinpoint one person in particular. When Valerie and I are designing our collection and choosing our leathers, we typically have a strong, independent and feminine woman in mind. But we offer many styles of cuffs and bracelets, a huge choice of leathers as well as an online customization service. As a result, our bracelets appeal to a wide range of personalities, from the classical to the more rock’n’roll woman.

How do you balance being a full-time Mom and young designer?

 My priority is, and always will be, my children. When I am not traveling, I make sure I’m organized enough so I can take them to school and pick them up every day. I have never had help for them and as long as I can keep it that way, I prefer it. Some days it’s a real challenge! But I’m lucky to have two very easy-going children and a very helpful family who all understand and support what I do.

Where are your next travels taking you?

London in October with my children and New York in November for work!


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