Gontran Cherrier Focaccia

I live in the land of baguette,  pain de campagne, tradition (traditionally heartier baguette), pain au lait, pain aux céréales, etc…you get it, we eat a lot of bread in France. No meal is served without it.

And I mes amis love bread. Can’t live without it. I go into total withdraw mode if I don’t eat some for more than 72 hours. Even when I’m dieting, I refuse to cut it out completely from my daily routine. There are few simple pleasures in life, and food is most certainly one of them for me.

I love to eat it, cook it, photograph it and watch it, which brings me to Gontran Cherrier, an extraordinarily talented baker whom I discovered on the french cooking network. His show centered around tartines, the opened-faced sandwich and his recipes were easy to prepare and always wonderfully tasty.

Cherrier opened his first boulangerie earlier this year and I finally got around to trying it out. I have to say, the bread, sandwich rolls and focaccia (pictured here) are to die for. Soft on the inside and crispy on the outside, light, filled with fragrant spices and herbs, they’re simply delicious.

I really love that instead of opting to diversify and open some über trendy shop, Cherrier sticks to what he knows best-bread, and in my humble opinion, that’s the key to his ever-growing success.

Gontran Cherrier Boulanger

22, Rue Caulaincourt 75018 Paris


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