Late August Weekends Little Pleasures


Late August in Paris is one of my favorite times of the year. The weather is (usually) warm and sunny, the streets are quiet, you can easily park your car (and it’s free the entire month!). The city really empties out by the 15th and it’s the best time to enjoy all the outdoor activities Paris has to offer-and there are many!

I love going for a bike ride, randomly discovering the increasingly present street art, heading to the Parc Floral for a picnic/tanning session and finally enjoying an outdoor movie. I’m lucky to have a friend with an incredible garden for our movie nights but if that’s not the case for you, the Cinéma en Plain Air festival is on until the 21st so go check it out-it ends this weekend.

What are your favorite late summer activities?

On that note, a very bon weekend to you!


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