Quartier de l’Opéra vs. Old Town Alexandria


I must confess, I have a bit of an obsessive liking for old-fashioned lampposts. Simple, triple, guilded, hanging, oil-based or not, they instantly beautify a street. I’ve never quite understood why city engineers replaced old-fashion style lampposts with the current modern lights we frequently see in any big city and that usually emit an unpleasant harsh orange light and for lack of a better word, they’re simply ugly to look at.

Paris and Old Town don’t quite adhere to this rule. (I mean, your’ re not called the City of Lights without a good reason!)

Both cities have opted to preserve these lampposts which reflect their attachment to their historic roots.

Here’s a selection of my favorite shots of the neighborhoods of the Quartier de l’Opéra in Paris and Old Town in Alexandria – Virginia, USA.


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