Summer Travel Style

I have a serious phobia of flying. I’m one of “those people” who’s face turns a pale shade of green and looks like they’re about to die as they board a plane. It’s not as bad as it used to be when I would literally cry as soon as we hit a bit of turbulence or when the Air France stewardess once sent me to see the Captain so he could attempt to calm me down as I was probably scaring people in my aisle.

I’ve come a long way since then, mainly by preparing every step of my travel from T-24hrs to landing. Part of my planning entails coming up with a comfortable and versatile outfit and choosing a tote where I can throw in all my travel essentials – makeup, creams, travel papers, a plush pair of sock for the trip, etc… It makes such as difference to feel comfortable and warm (those planes are freezing!) and takes away a bit of the tension I’m feeling.

Comfort doesn’t mean sloppy. You can be stylish and casual, even wearing a pair of sweats.

1.  Oliver Peoples Ermelita Sunglasses $310

2. Lemlem Tullu Gauze Scarf $125

3. Hop Hop Hop Maxi Pink Cloud Necklace €70

4. Mr. Jones Cyclops Ladies Edition Watch $174.99

5. Clare Vivier La Tropézienne Tote $320

6. Bensimon Lacet Tennis Shoe $55

7. Madewell Loveworn Sweatpants $62

8. Sandro Tango T-shirt €90


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